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How Segregated Funds Work

Segregated funds are available only through insurance companies as an investment option of an insurance policy. The policy can provide valuable benefits, including guarantees.

Features and Benefits

 Segregated funds allow you to combine the growth potential of investment funds with the protection of benefit guarantees provided under the life insurance policy.

Protection from market downturns:

With segregated funds, your investments are protected from market downturns with the maturity and death benefit guarantees.

Your death benefit guarantee can be 100% of your net deposits. On your death, your
beneficiary is guaranteed to receive the greater of 100% of your net deposits or the
market value of your segregated fund investments. A mutual fund by way of comparison will only be valued at its current market value on the day of the owner’s passing.

Potential creditor protection:

As part of an insurance policy, your segregated fund investments may be protected from creditors if you name your spouse, child, parent or grandchild as the beneficiary of your policy or if you name an irrevocable beneficiary (a beneficiary that cannot be changed).

Talk to your advisor regarding your individual circumstances, potential creditor
protection varies by province.

Opportunity to bypass probate:

With segregated funds, the death benefit is paid directly to your named beneficiary rather than to your estate.

This means that the value of your segregated fund investments may bypass probate, a
costly and lengthy process, allowing your named beneficiary to receive the proceeds

Talk to a broker for specific details.

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